The Philco 802* (actually a Mopar 802 made by Philco)
Antique Car Radio

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   There were at least two versions of this radio. Here is an actual example of one of them :

This is the Mopar 802, there really is another much earlier model car radio called a Philco Model 802.

Here it is with new capacitors installed.  There's not very much space here. But I was able to find a place for the new filter capacitors.

Here is the other side showing the tubes, a new capacitor and new solid state vibrator.
 I wrote the original location numbers on the old filter capacitor can.
The can is there for appearance but is disconnected electrically.
The new filter capacitors can be seen in the previous picture as 4 blue cylinders that have
large black arrows on them.

Tube radios require some high DC voltages to operate the tubes.    It isn't possible to use a transformer alone to step up the 6 volts DC to 200 or higher voltages.  Something has to make the voltage simulate AC by making it alternate on the primary of a power transformer.   The device that does that is called a vibrator (it's also known as an interrupter).   It is made to move the same way as a buzzer. The transformer's primary has a center tap, which means it's divided into two sections.  The vibrator as it buzzes switches one of the connections between two connections on the primary of the transformer, creating what's known as pulsating DC, which can be stepped up inside the power transformer.  Now a days, we use transistors, to do the switching.  So using a solid state vibrator turns an Antique Radio's power supply into a "Switching" power supply or DC-to-DC converter, or power inverter.  These are some of the names this type of power supply goes by.

Do you have a Philco Model 802 in similar condition?  If you do, I already have an estimate for you.  This radio contains 20 paper and filter capacitors making the cost of the restoration 20 x $15 = $300.00 + $36 for a new solid state vibrator = $336.00. This is a flat rate and covers the restoration of all paper and filter capacitors. If the radio needs a new dial cord, or dial lamps and up to 5 tubes (that cost up to $20.00 each) or resistors, or mica capacitors, they will be included. Yes, this is as complete a restoration as I can offer. Some minor mechanical work is also included.

If your radio needs other parts, not mentioned above, like coils, transformers, or hard to find items specific to this car radio, or if I have to have a part fabricated, there will be an extra cost. Most of the time: $336.00 + sales tax (NY state only) + return shipping, is what the electronic restoration of a Mopar 802 will cost.

Here is a picture of the speaker:

It has a little rust on it, but it works ok.

Another view of the speaker.

I hope that you choose Dave's Antique Radio & TV Restorations to restore this and other antique car radios.

For more information, please call, or send me an e-mail message.

Thanks, Dave...

Dave's Antique Radio & TV Restorations
P.O. Box 285
Liverpool, NY 13088-0285
I no longer have a phone number for this business effective ASAP.

So many people have internet access and have contacted me by e-mail that the phone became unnecessary.

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