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 Antique TV Restoration Information Page

Just like with antique radios, in 99% of all cases, replacement of all paper and filter capacitors usually brings an antique TV back to its original operating condition. If you'd like to get your antique TV restored
   please either send me an E-mail message at
  dave2@tubesandtransistorsandmore.com or dave2@dreamscape.com
Fada 799 aka RCA 630TS

Here's one of 3 ways I calculate the price of a restoration:

  • Restoration: I count the number of paper and filter capacitors and multiply by $20.00.  
  • Tax: If you live in NY State I have to charge you sales tax.
  • Shipping: Whatever you paid to send your Antique TV to me, I need that amount to send it back to you.

I call this my "White Glove" service because it includes anything and everything to get your Antique TV to work like new or better.*

*Please see my FAQ page for more information. This flat-rate pricing goes into effect if my regular prices look like they're going to exceed this price.

TV Test Pattern

RCA TRK-9 from 1939

How much is it going to cost?  Well, there are so many antique TVs out there that the price varies.  Here is  one example from an initial estimate on a Philco Predicta Table model TV set ("Siesta" model 10L43).  There are 23 Paper + Filter Capacitors, making the cost of my "White Glove" Service restoration is
$20.00 * 25 = $500.00

Philco predicta tvs and other sets from the late 50s contain early printed circuit boards, which can have problems. Solving these problems is included as part of my "White Glove" service.
This flat rate service includes more than the paper and filter capacitors. It also includes a horizontal "tune-up" on all late 40s/early 50s TV chassis.

Please see my FAQ for more information.

Other sets, such as the one pictured above and to the left, have a higher restoration cost.

  The best way for me to tell you what it's going to cost is if you send your set to me for a FREE ESTIMATE.


More Information:
Of course you are also responsible for the cost of packaging and shipping the TV to and from me, and how the TV is packaged.

Please package well.  Please use plenty of bubble wrap, plenty of packaging peanuts and a heavy (double wall) shipping box.  Its even better to put a box in a box.  I have to use the same packaging to send your tv back to you.  I cannot continue to buy new cartons and packaging materials for everyone who sends me a TV to restore.  So please package well.

Please make payment in the form of a US Postal Money Order from a US Post Office.
Please make your US Postal Money Order payable to:
Dave's Antique Radio & TV Restorations

Please keep your cabinet and knobs protected from damage in shipment.  If the chassis and picture tube are attached, then all I need is the chassis and speaker.  If the picture tube is supported by the cabinet please call me.

I do not restore cabinets, however I can clean and shine plastic ones.

A Red RCA  9-PT-7010 TV set from 1954.

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