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Ever since I could remember I have been fascinated with Antique Radios.  As a child of 9, my father would bring home radios and tvs from the thrift store.  I thought that they were modern radios.  I had no idea that these were Antique Radios.  When my father brought them home they never worked. I had to fix them.  I would replace the capacitors, and they would work. Occasionally, other work had to be done.  Years later, in High School I studied electronics, in a class called “Tech. Elec.”. I also studied electronics in College.

In the late 80s I started a company named the The TV Guy, and repaired Modern TVs, VCRs, radios, stereo equipment, and, of course, Antique Radios.  The original logo for my company, as drawn by Martin Fennessy, is pictured to the right.

I quickly realized that, unless a modern electronic item such as a TV or a VCR, is under warrantee, it’s more likely to be thrown out rather than be repaired. So I decided to specialize in restoring Antique Radios and Televisions instead.  I registered Dave’s Antique Radio an TV Restorations, in addition to The TV Guy.

The TV Guy is still registered as one of my business names, but I no longer use it.

Over the past 46 years I have restored so many radios and Televisions that I’ve lost count.  I think I’ve seen them all.  But there were so many thousands of makes and models made, I think it would be impossible for anyone to see all of them.

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