Vintage HiFi Gear from the 1950s and 1960s

Mono Block Amps - Mono Tuners - Pre-Amps-and more.

Tube Audio really sounds fantastic.  As with all vintage equipment, all paper and electrolytic capacitors must be replaced to bring your equipment back to its original or better operating condition.  Occasionally a tube is needed , but for the most part, it’s the capacitors.

      If unspecified I use film type capacitors to replace the original paper capacitors.  These are much higher quality than the original equipment.   These are yellow in color and cylindrical.   The sound is very good with them.  My price for a restoration using the yellow film  630 volt capacitors is $15 per capacitor replaced flat rate.  

        There is also the option of using Orange Drop.   These are another high quality replacement.  They are a little bit more expensive than the yellow capacitors and I have customers how insist upon them.

     There are other even more expensive and higher sound  quality capacitors replacements available.  You may also have a favorite electrolytic capacitor, as well.

The choice of capacitor is an individual preference. please let me know which type of capacitor  you prefer and I will give you an estimate.  I always have the yellow film capacitors in stock. Orange Drop and other types of capacitors are a special order.  I will find the best price for the components you desire.

Please call or write (e-mail, regular mail) for more information.

I hope you choose me to restore all your Vintage  HiFi gear.

Thanks Very Much,  Dave