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     For many years I have had a separate page for each type of radio or tv.  Looking at it now I see that this might be a bit complicated.   My pricing is basically the same for any electronic restoration.  Also, originally I had my pricing broken down into the price of the capacitors and the price of the labor.  I have made things a bit easier, with a set of flat rate prices.

   Most of the time, replacing all paper and filter capacitors brings a radio back to it’s original operating condition or better.  In that case no other parts are needed after the paper and electrolytic capacitors are replaced.   I price this at $15.00 per capacitor replaced.  This is a basic restoration.

    Sometimes additional parts are needed after the restoration.  I charge for the additional parts, and no further additional labor.

   I have found that basing the price of the electronic restoration on the number of capacitors needed to be replaced has been the best.  This is because the largest part of the restoration is the replacement of all paper and electrolytic capacitors.  So if your Radio or Vintage HiFI component is in good condition, figure $15 per capacitor replaced to be the cost.  In the case of antique car radios, there is the additional cost of the solid state vibrator.  40s and early 50s TVs in good condition cost $20.00 per capacitor replaced to restore.

NY State residents must add 8% sales tax to the restoration, not to return shipping.  The shipper is charging that, not me.

TVs from between the late 40s and early 50s are so large and heavy and contain so many capacitors that it takes about two weeks to complete a restoration.  They give me a good work out too.

$20.00 per capacitor replaced is the basic price for the electronic restoration if the set is in good condition.

  If a set is not in such good electronic condition that extra parts make the total price greater than $30.00 per capacitor replaced but less than $40.00 per capacitor replaced, the price is $30.00 per capacitor replaced.

I have never seen one this bad but..If the set is in such bad electronic shape that extra parts make the total price greater than $40.00 per capacitor replaced  but less than $50.00 per capacitor replaced, the price would be $40.00 per capacitor replaced.

There are two exceptions to the basic restoration price. One is my table radio specials. There are other AC/DC sets with lover voltage filter capacitors.   I can usually make a price of $10.00 per capacitor replaced.

I still have to rethink my pricing of AM-FM AC/DC or hot chassis radios.  Some have more than 15 capacitors to replace and some have 10 while others have 20.  I never know until I actually see them because the service data doesn’t specify whether a capacitor is paper of ceramic disc.  Only the paper types have to be replaced.  So some radios will be priced as 6 tube specials, and others will be higher priced or exceed the $100.00 double special. But it will still be a lower price than $10.00 per capacitor replaced.

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