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Does your Radio Qualify for the All American Table Radio Restoration Special?

To qualify for the special your radio must be of the AC/DC type and contain 5 or 6 tubes.

AC/DC means that your radio will operate either on 110 volts AC or 110 volts DC from a wall outlet.  These radios were not designed to operate on batteries. They do not have a power transformer. These are also known as “Hot Chassis” sets because one side of the AC line is directly connected to the chassis. So the chassis should not be touched when it’s on.

Does your radio have a power transformer?

Visit my All American Chassis page to find out.

Back in the days when these radios were used some areas had DC power supplied by power companies.  

The radio will have a label on it somewhere that looks something like this:

If this is a clock radio, it may not say AC/DC because the clock works on AC.  But the radio still has the same AC/DC chassis inside with the familiar tube line up.  A label on a qualifying clock radio might look like this:

These are 5 tube radios with miniature tubes in them, that qualify for the special. The standard All American 5 tube table radio tube line up with miniature is: 12BE6, 12BA6, 12AV6 (or 12AT6), 50C5 and 35W4.  A 6 tube version will have an extra 12BA6.  Visit my All American Tubes page for further information. Back to Specials page.  I need more label examples.  Please e-mail some pictures of them to me.  So I can create a label gallery. Thanks, Dave

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