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Antique Radio Restorations

As I said on my very first web page:

Usually if an antique radio doesn't play or hums when you plug it in* and turn it on, it probably needs a new set of paper and filter [electrolytic] capacitors. This is what I define as a [an antique electronic] restoration.

 That, in 99% of all cases brings the antique radio back to life with "Better than New" performance.

Actually a radio that hasn’t been electronically restored shouldn’t be plugged in because it can damage the radio.  But all those capacitors must be replaced or an antique radio will not work.

There are three types of radio power supplies: AC/DC, Voltage doubler, and power transformer.  Depending on which way your radio is powered, will determine the price of a restoration.

The AC/DC type has no power transformer and usually operates on less than 150 volts.  If this is the case, and your radio does not qualify for my specials, and is not a transoceanic, my “$10 per” restoration will determine the restoration cost.

If your radio has a voltage doubler circuit or power transformer, and, again, doesn’t qualify for my specials, then the “$15.00 per” restoration will determine the price of the restoration.  Please see my FAQ page or my order form(below) for more information about restoration pricing.

To get your radio(s) restored please print out and fill in this form and enclose it with your radio. Click on the picture of the form to open it up.

unrestored radio chassis

restored radio chassis

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