Transistor Car Radio Restorations

I restore “All-Transistor” and “Hybrid” (tube + transistor) car radios.

If you have a transistorized AM car radio my price is simple, I have made it a “special” of $65.00.  I replace all electrolytic and paper capacitors.  Usually, there are very few paper capacitors used in radio manufacturing by the 60s.   If there’s no sound. even though the radio turns on, this is usually the problem.  Occasionally, the output transistor or transistors have stopped working.  In the hybrid sets, sometimes a tube needs to be replaced.  This is the only time there would be an extra charge for an additional component.  I will ask for your approval before any additional charges are made.   The additional cost would be for the part only.  Labor is covered in the “special” pricing.

My turnaround time is: “How soon do you need it back”.  In most cases, I can receive a radio, restored it, and have it back in the mail on the same day or the next business day, if your payment is enclosed, or you paid in advance through PayPal.  Call or write (e-mail) today or ship me your late 50s to mid 60s AM car radio.   The amount is $65.00 + 8% sales tax (NY Residents only) + return shipping..

I hope that you choose me to restore your Transistor and Hybrid Car Radios.

Thanks Very Much,  Dave


This special is for very late 1950s through the mid 1970s AM only, all transistor, or hybrid (tube + transistor) car radios that do not have any electro-mechanical signal-seekers. Usually these are small sets, or similar to the radio in the picture on this page: AM only, no special features.  If it’s a very large elaborate radio, then it probably doesn’t qualify for this special.  But, please ask me, and I’ll check to see if your radio qualifies.  Thanks,  Dave