Dave’s Antique Radio and TV Restorations

P. O. Box  285

Liverpool, NY 13088-0285



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Dave’s Antique Radio & TV Restorations
P.O. Box 285
Liverpool, NY 13088-0285Contact_files/More-Labels-2.pdf

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   Please Note: If you click to hide your phone number and you don’t mention it in your message, there will be no way I can call you back because I won’t know your Phone Number.  Someone called me recently and said they have a Motorola car radio to restore, and said I should call them before 5PM.  Their number was UNKNOWN.  I wish I could have called them back, but I couldn’t.

Dave’s Antique Radio & TV Restorations

P. O. Box 2265

Liverpool, NY 13089-2265


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