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Transoceanic Radio Restorations

I have restored so many Zenith Transoceanics, that I now have a flat rate price for their restoration:

$200.00 (+ sales tax (NY state residents only) + return shipping.  This special is for all Tube type Zenith Transoceanic radios made in the USA.

This special includes the replacement of all paper and electrolytic capacitors, and if necessary, the dial lamp (if it has one), the rectifier, and/or line cord and plug.  On models with a dial lamp, I can install  a cell holder, without any modification, to avoid having to use expensive Z-1 batteries.

All other parts and services are extra.

I will also clean all the switches and controls at no extra cost.

I’ll also check sensitivity.  If it’s found to be weak, I’ll align the tuner.

To get your Zenith Transoceanic Radio restored, print out the convenient order form, fill in the requested information  and enclose it with your radio and payment.

It’s ok to send either the entire radio or chassis only for restoration.  I will need the cabinet to check the dial lamp, if your model has one, or if you are unsure of how to remove the chassis from the cabinet.  Please package well.  I hope that you choose me to restore all your Zenith Transoceanic Radios.


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